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Hi im new

Hi here is a pic of me and some poems.

When I'm Dead
When I'm dead,
Remember what you said.
We were supposed to be wed,
But instead,
I found you in bed,
With a guy named Fred.
You ran off and fled,
And left me for dead.
Well now you've got your bread,
Buttered with easy spread.
Just dont you dare tread,
On my new found bed.
Copyright ©2005 Catrina Lawrence

Desecrate holiness
End the dreadfull resprect
Sacrifice the worshipers
Evil is my accomplishment
Creating violation of angels
Reaching my peak
And blasphemy caused
Totalling your pure soul
Impurity it turns
Offensive to a moral standard
Now violating your sanctity.
Copyright ©2005 Catrina Lawrence

Use bondage to bound me.
Make me your prisoner,
And hold me in captivity.
Reduce to enslavement,
Hold me spellbound with enthralment.
Turn me into your serfdom.
Be my thraldom,
And i'll be your vassalage.
Be as drudgery as you wish.
Just keep me alive,
So that we can do this,
Over and over again.

Copyright ©2005 Catrina Lawrence

If you liked these visit http://catrinalawrence.tripod.com/ and find more poems and info on my book called Bleeding Words packed with more poems.

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