saint_of_me (saint_of_me) wrote in daemons_group,

Physical manifestation!

I was a bit appalled to see some "haunted dolls" on e-bay. Then I thought back on it. I'm not the most magically active of people lately. Since I moved to this parking lot of a new apartment complex village I haven't really sensed anything spiritual at all.

I think I shouldn't ask as it will just annoy me further, but I'll do it anyway.

Has anyone here managed to summon something and gotten it to physically manifest?
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I've only gotten three physical manifestations *tear*. If you're trying for one, go you, if not, go you.
What were they like?
All three looked solid to me, but I can only prove (to myself) that one truly was. There were different sensations that went along with each manifestation. I think it had to do with the different things being summoned.

The first one was the shade of a civil war soldier, confederate. I am a necromancer living on a battlefield, so it isn't surprising that my first manifestation would be of the dead. He had a nice cool wind around him, was translucent, and managed to move the items I put out for him (a pencil, a metal pen, and a paperweight). I got no feeling of ill-will from him, just vague interest. Note: I don't think he would have manifested outside of the type of circle I put up, as he was both old and waning.

The second was a water elemental (I think some call them Undines?). She was almost as arrogant as me. Almost. Anyhow, she manifested in my chalice (filled with water) as a woman-shaped pillar in the center. With her, there was a faint glow from the water in the chalice. Not much interesting happened in that encounter.

The last manifestation was the only demon I've ever had manifest. There is a long story behind this last one, but I'll cut it down. I found an old book in a box in my house, got a name of a supposedly weak demon from it, did some research, and tried to summon it. I don't trust books anymore. The demon was much, much more powerful than I'd first thought. He manifested in the center of my circle. He was maybe seven feet tall (nearly brushing the ceiling) with a humanoid form. Very angry, very arrogant, very powerful. Anyhow, that's the only time I've ever been attacked physically by something I've summoned. It really wasn't pleasant.
I got interested in Demonology mainly because of a possession and a co-habitation. People at the time said they could see it physically when it manifested in me, but I always thought they were probably full of shit and just seeing what they wanted to see. My answer would be no on the physical manifestation of demons specifically but I have had more than one physical manifestation concerning my religion. I am not sure if I really want to have a physical manifestation of a demon on my hands, considering how much power they have lost in the last 100 years and how much power it takes to manifest physically... I'm kinda afraid of just "what" can actually physically manifest anymore where demons are concerned. I am not afraid or ashamed to admit that fear either, it's prolly what keeps me alive.