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Hello, I'm obviously new here... I've been interested in, demons, furthering into demonology and spells since I was a child, also I've had this recurring dream since I was little as well, it could mean nothing of course, but it troubles me that it recurrs and for so long.

The above symbol in the dream was branded on my forearm by something I couldn't see, a shadowy figure, and there was this god awful smell in the dream. Like sewage? When I looked at my forearm, the symbol looked charcoaled on and I could feel the pain. The figure said something to me, but I still cant figure out what, maybe nothing, I couldnt understand the language anyhow. It could've been jibberish for all I know. Afterwards I woke up.

I know I should tell this rather to some dream decoder, but they give me runarounds and I'm trying anywhere that might have knowledge on symbols, I've even asked a priest but he doesnt want to tell me what it means for whatever reason. If anyone knows what that symbol possibly could mean, if it means anything at all, or could direct me to someone who would possibly know, it'd be most greatly appreciated.

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