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Summoning dream.

I did a lot of fruitless searching on the internet before deciding to post this particular anecdote.

I was curled up with my boyfriend a couple of mornings ago and watching him dream. Oh, it was May 1st, if that has significance for anybody. I mean, I know it's not Beltane, but it's still Mayday! Twice while dreaming he briefly had defensive energy around him, but not too strong. Part of the time I napped, but didn't dream. I haven't had any dreams I can remember in a long time.

Anyway, when he did wake up, I asked him what he dreamed about since it seemed like a pretty active dream. There was even an instant where I thought he did that gasping thing that means he's dreaming about crying.

He said that he dreamed about a celtic-type woman dressed in white, singing about a way to summon her. He was trying to remember how a magic circle was set up. He said, "There was a sword or a saber in one direction, and a rose...and a jar of bloody bees."

After very little thought I said, "The saber would've been in the north, the rose in the south, the bees to the west."

He looked at me and said I was right. How did I know? I said, "Well, the north wind is cold and it cuts like a sword, and roses like heat, and the west is where the sun sets, where things go to end." Seemed pretty obvious to me. It made even more sense when he said the fourth thing was honey. Sweet like sunrise, fresh like dew, right?

I like this dream. Seems like a good thing to me. Very goddess-y with that whole bee thing. Isn't there a goddess somewhere who says she's the queen of every hive? I've got that on a poster in runes somewhere. "I am the queen of every hive. Who but I?" On and on like that.

(I think the defensive energy was something to do with the bees. My boyfriend strongly dislikes insects.)

So two days and much internet browsing later...I know what I know, but there's no place I can point to to say, this is what this was, this is what you might be summoning.

Can somebody at least point me to something that says the sword-holder stands in the north? (Or somewhere I can get bloody bees or the magickal equivalent before Beltane? In the region I'm in, it's too cold: the bees aren't awake yet.) And what does it mean in a dream when you have a phrase where the first letters repeat: bloody bees, sharp sword, burning bright, woman in white, etc? I know it means something, but I really can't remember.

I hope he/we get to set up this circle on Beltane itself. I will take advice past then though. HELP!!! Any tidbit of information would be greatly appreciated at this point!!!
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