saint_of_me (saint_of_me) wrote in daemons_group,

Time warp again....

It might be just me: lack of sleep, bad diet, long commute, but has anyone ELSE been experiencing a lot of time-warps* lately? I've never felt so many in such a short amount of time.

I got to meditate a bit right before a thunderstorm, but I wasn't keeping my concentration up. I rode around in the mind of a bee, briefly, and found the spirit of something HUGE (I just moved) but it hardly noticed me. Besides, I have reason to believe it was my friend, dreaming in the other room.

*Time-warps: In the sense that I mean, momentary jumps in time. Say you're watching a flag in the wind or water in a fountain. You turn and in the corner of your eye you still see it but it's moving much faster or much slower. Or perhaps you have a long commute and you're dangerous speed of approximately 140 kmph feels like a drag: you want to put your foot on the gas and zoom. Mages can control this, mundanes can't. Eventually I'll find my list of all the stuff people trying to "open" their minds can do, regardless of dogma and post it, I swear.

Thanks for any info, personal experiences, whatever!
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