Shadows in the attic (krmcgee) wrote in daemons_group,
Shadows in the attic

she'd had enough of life

Silence a broken melody,
lipstick scribbles in the mirror
thinks she’s inferior
candles dripping wax
like bloody thumbtacks
the icy scent of jack frost
A dirty clothes pile,
vanity drawers yanked open
contents strewn across
the bathroom,
a discarded pack of razors
didn’t trust herself
An empty prescription bottle
to the bathtub bottom
bruised wrists sore from handcuffs,
the ache of being
fucked with a broomstick
feels like a whore
Lost in a blanket of steam,
sick of chasing that midnight dream
drowning in time
thoughts set ajar
Pillars of white snow,
a sleeping beauty
afraid of letting go
Skin tingles,
breath slow
maybe drift a bit,
just lay low --

Copyright © 2005 KR McGee. All rights reserved.
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